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Guess what???
**Smile Made by _extraflamey_
MY CAT CAME HOME TONIGHT!!....::spazzes::....

This makes me soooooo fucking happy. HAPPY!!!!

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Thaaannkk you! =) He's my buddy!


Is he fixed? If you get him fixed, he might not wander so far....

He's fixed. Been for years. He didn't really wander off. More like, jumped in the back of my uncles truck, then jumped out at a stop light. So, yeah. heh

Love his floofy tail! Glad you got him back.

Me too. His tail is VERY crooked lol...

Your cat is SO FRIKKIN ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

ISN'T HE??? He's beautiful! I was heart broken when he was gone. But last night, when I heard my grandma like freak out...(In a good way)...and I heard his mew, I freaking RAN into the living room, and he ran RIGHT up to me!!!!! I picked him up, and hugged him, and wouldn't let him go. It was such a good feeling.

BTW: My grandma HATES Animals, but she LOVES this freaking CAT! He's so awesome. Haha

love YA!!

He has a kitten mew... It's SOO cute!!

You too! God, I'd go crazy if Lenny went missing. He's my baby!

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