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**Sad Tara Made By _extraflamey_
Whoa, an actual update. Crazzzzyyy eh?

What's new with me? After moving out of my grandmas house, I moved in with Asia. It was good times. Until Monday. Asia went home on her lunch break and found that we got robbed. Her computer was gone. A shit load of her makeup among other things, like her change jar. Stuff of mine that were taken....My camera, my webcam, and ALL of my DVDs. Minus the few I let people borrow. But yeah, they are all gone. =( I've been all with the ick this week. Although, some people have made me feel better. You know who you are. =)

Asia and I are trying to get back to normal. For the first couple of days it was hard, but now, we seem to get getting back to normal.

Bleh. Well, I must go. On my bosses computer.


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So nice to heard from you, Heather. I never see you online anymore and I've often wondered how you were doing. I'm so sorry all your stuff was taken..that REALLY sucks, hon. *hugs* I hope they catch that motherfucker!

Wow stranger!!! That's horrible! I finally get an update from you- and its all sad and stuff!!! But GREAT news!!! I'm Moving to Las Vegas...I'll be closer to you guys!! w00t!!!!!!

Heather "jynxie"

Are you going to be coming to the Rocky convention here in October? It's a must!!!

Ugh, that sucks. :-/ Sorry.

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